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Cold Formed Parts

Custom Cold Headed / Cold Formed Parts

Cold formed parts, special & shoulder rivets are available to meet nearly any application requirement including non-fastening applications such as pins, pivots, axles, contacts and knobs as well as other applications. As with standard rivets, these parts are available in a variety of materials and finishes. Minimum orders start at 25,000 pieces.

  • Cold Headed / Cold Formed Parts, Special Rivets & Shoulder Rivets
  • Tapped Rivets
  • Compression Rivets

    Standard Riveting Machines



    The ANVIL actually determines the shape and the quality of the clinch because it does the forming or upsetting of the rivet. So, it is one of the most important accessories to the rivet setting machine and is available in many different styles and lengths. It is a factory assembled unit consisting mainly of the anvil shell, nut, spring and pilot.

    Click here to view anvil dimensions form..

    Custom Riveting Machines

    Chicago Rivet has the capability to offer custom machines with features that will increase production levels and enhance product quality. From rotary indexing fixtures to linear transfer devices-part feeders, sensing equipment and pick-and-place units for handling of special parts-are just a few of the features that can be incorporated into an assembly system to meet demanding production needs.

    For more information please contact sales engineering to discuss how a custom riveting system can work for you.
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