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Manually Operated Riveting Tools

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Riveter Model 33

Item # 33, Riveter Model 33, like the Model 915, is designed for the small shop where a limited amount of brake and clutch repair work is done -- riveting 1/8", 9/64" and 3/16" body diameter rivets.
Standard tooling includes the most popular tools used for removing old rivets and setting new rivets in brake shoes, brake bands and clutch plates

Riveter Model 915-1

Our Item # 915-1, Riveter Model 915-1 possesses a long handle and cam design that provide an exceptionally strong squeezing action on the riveting tool. Anvil height is adjustable for rivets of different lengths.

This small, compact unit is designed for light assemblies, repair and maintenance work. It is easily mounted to a bench with three bolts.

Riveter Model 915-3

915 Press with Tooling for Model Train Repair
Item # 915-3, Riveter Model 915-3 can be ordered complete, with tooling.
Tooling is also available separately. See listing.
Note: Tools will be marked with "Chicago" part numbers. If tools are to be marked with "ST" part numbers, please specify when ordering.


Hand Rivet Clinching Tools


Hand clinching tools are available for setting various sizes of semi- tubular rivets. These tools are an inexpensive solution for riveting samples and prototypes, low volume production and repair work. Please view our catalog for a tool to fit your needs.


Hand Rivet Accessories

Accessories for Hand Riveting tools: models 915-1, 915-3 & 33

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