These are floor-mounted machines for use with larger rivets.... deeper throat requirements. They feature the soft-but-strong squeezing action of cushion-air-powered single rivet setting. Ideal for fragile materials and wide tolerance variations.

Increased production and greater versatility
-Quick change feed system for different rivet sizes.
-Precision machined pads on column to locate the horns at various heights.
-Adaptable to a wide variety of horns and anvil holders.
Reduced Down-Time
-Enclosed top lever guard.
-Easy accessibility of all parts for service.
-Practical parts numbering system for quick, correct replacement.
-Design and construction assure life-long service.
Optional Features
-Aligning, resting and clamping fixtures.
-Safety guards to job specifications.
-Dual palm-buttons and safety probes.
-Production counters.
-Choice of paint color.

This listing of riveters is subject to change without notice. This list is not our complete line of units, should you not see specifically what your requirements entail, please contact Chicago Rivet engineering direct to discuss your specific applications. E-Mail, or 630-357-8500.
Unit of Measure


N/A Pneumatic


N/A Single Head

Max Tubular Rivet Capacity - Diameter

N/A 0.188 Inch
Max Tubular Rivet Capacity - Length1 N/A 5/8 to 15/16 Inch

Throat Depth

N/A 12 Inch


N/A 2 1/2 Inch


N/A 7" Std. 8" Avail.

Mounting Type

N/A Floor

Anvil Height

N/A 41 1/2 Inch

Overall Height

N/A 60 Inch

Cycle Time

N/A 1 Second

Air Required

N/A 60 psi, .57 cu. ft.

Electrical Controls

N/A 110 V AC, 1 A

Floor Space

N/A 23 x 30 Inch

Net Weight

N/A 500 lb
  • 1 Standard = 5/8"