Our self-piercing rivets are remarkably strong and can be used to fasten both similar or dissimilar materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and steel - as well as a number of plastics and fibers. In addition, a self-piercing rivet can also be used to connect two or more material layers, and, therefore, can easily join together painted or coated parts. Self-piercing rivets are designed to pierce sheet metal or aluminum without pre-punching holes. Please contact sales engineering at sales@chicagorivet.com for a specific evaluation of your application. Minimum order quantity is 25,000 pieces.

  • Materials include: carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, depending on to review of application.
  • Head shapes include: oval, flat, counter-sunk & truss
  • A wide variety of finishes are available to provide corrosion resistance and cosmetic appearance to suit your requirements.
  • This is a partial listing of our custom part capabilities. Please contact our engineering department to discuss your requirements, should they not be listed.

  • Chicago Rivet's Self-Piercing Rivets allow riveting of sheet metal or aluminum without pre-punching holes. For an evaluation of your application, send sample materials to Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.
    Unit of Measure

    Body Diameter

    N/A 1/8 Inch

    A - Body Diameter

    N/A .118 to .123 Inch

    B - Head Diameter

    N/A .213 to .223 Inch

    C - Head Height

    N/A .029 to .035 Inch

    D - Straight Hole Diameter

    N/A .078 Inch

    E - Hole Depth

    N/A .093 Inch