A variation of tubular rivets with a shank drilled and tapped to receive a threaded fastener. Used in materials too thin to accept their own tapping. Chicago Rivet makes tapped rivets with both through holes and blind holes. In addition, we manufacture tapped rivets with weld tip projections that permit the part to be resistance welded to an assembly.
This is a partial listing of our custom part capabilities. Please contact our engineering department to discuss your requirements, should they not be listed.
Unit of Measure


N/A #6-32 NC2


N/A Steel

A - Body Diameter

N/A .184 to .190 Inch

B - Head Diameter

N/A .337 to .347 Inch

C - Head Height

N/A .114 to .124 Inch

D - Straight Hole Diameter

N/A .144 Inch

Serration Under Head

N/A 12