Full-tubular rivets contain a deep drilled part that possesses a hole-depth equal or greater than 112% of the mean body diameter. Full-tubular rivets are used to punch their own hole in softer materials, such as fabric, leather, canvas, and chipboard. These full-tubular rivets have the ability to be inserted and clinched in one operation. Minimum order quantity is 25,000 pieces.

  • Materials include: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass & copper.
  • Head shapes include: oval, flat, counter-sunk & truss
  • A wide variety of finishes are available to provide corrosion resistance and cosmetic appearance to suit your requirements.
  • Please contact our engineering department to discuss your requirements, should they not be listed.
  • Unit of Measure

    Body Diameter

    N/A 9/64 Inch


    N/A 1018 Steel

    Head Type

    N/A Spline Socket


    N/A 3/16 Inch4/16 to 5/16 Inch6/16 Inch7/16+ Inch

    A - Body Diameter

    N/A .141 to .146 Inch

    B - Head Diameter

    N/A .306 to .318 Inch

    C - Head Height

    N/A .032 to .040 Inch

    D - Straight Hole Diameter

    N/A .101 Inch

    E - Hole Depth

    N/A 5/32 Inch7/32 Inch9/32 Inch5/16 Inch

    F - Angle

    N/A 10 º

    G - Angle

    N/A 20 º